Vehicle Leasing FAQ

I don't have a company can I still lease?

Yes of course you can, leasing is a viable option to outright purchase In the UK and Europe most Dealers and even manufacturers offer leasing as an option. This option is relatively new in the Irish market but is now available for individuals. Whether you have a company or not leasing lets you pick the car you really want, drive it for an affordable monthly repayment and when it is time to hand the car back you don't have to worry about selling or trading it in. Just hand it back and select your next car.

Can AutoLeasing get me a quote on any make of car and van?

Yes. We are the only leasing comparison site that will automatically SMS your quote details directly to leasing dealers throughout Ireland instantly, saving you time and hopefully finding to the best leasing deal for you.

For how long can I lease the vehicle?

You can lease cars and vans from 1 to 5 years however the standard lease is 4 years. Just remember a car loses most of its value in the first 3 year so we feel it is most affordable over 4 years

What sort of mileage should I select?

You are free to select your mileage based on your individual circumstances whether it be an annual distance of 10,000 to 50,000 kilometers per year.

What happens I go over the agreed mileage?

The Leasing Dealer will apply a charge per 1,000 kilometers if you have gone over at the end of the leasing contract term, but there are no surprises as this charge per kilometer is set at the outset of the contract. Most of our Leasing providers will facilitate contract re-writes if your initial terms are outside of the original contract allowance.

What type of car insurance do I need?

You are responsible for insuring your vehicle under a fully comprehensive, all risks policy.

How much deposit must I pay in advance?

The norm on a leasing deal is 3 months advance followed by the balance of the term agreed e.g. 4 year lease would be 3 months followed by 45 remaining rentals. However, you are free to pay more rentals in advance and reduce your monthly repayments.

Am I covered with a warranty?

Full car or van manufacturer's warranty applies to all new car sales.

Where do I have to go to pick up my car or van?

Anywhere in the Rep of Ireland, most of our Leasing Dealers will deliver the car or van directly to you at an agreed location.

Do I have to get the car serviced and how much does it cost?

Servicing is up to you and should be done in line with the manufacturers recommendations, unless you have asked the Leasing company to include a maintenance agreement in your monthly repayments. If you have selected a maintenance agreement the Leasing Dealer will contact you with your scheduled service and they will cover the cost. Each Leasing maintenance agreement is tailored so it is best for you to request a maintenance quote and see what options are available for you to select. All Leasing Dealer's will require a completed service history if you have not taken out a maintenance agreement with them.

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